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Independent Foreign Fiction Prize 2015 | Booktrust

Congratulations to all the authors and translators on the long list for the Independent Foreign Fiction Prize 2015! And, of course, special ups to The Investigation by J.M. Lee, tr. by Kim Chi-young (별을 스치는 바람, 이정명 장편소설) Here’s the list, via book… (READ MORE)

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Hwang Sok-yong’s Princess Bari (tr. Sora) Available for Pre-order

      UPDATE: Please note that Amazon UK has a different release date for the book: April 27, 2015.  The English translation of Hwang Sok-yong’s Princess Bari (바리데기, 창비 2007) tr. by Sora Kim-Russell), is now available for pre-order on… (READ MORE)

Winners of 45th Modern Korean Literature Translation Awards

Winners of 45th Modern Korean Literature Translation Awards Congratulations, everyone! From The Korea Times: The Korea Times is delighted to announce the winners of the 45th Modern Korean Literature Translation Awards. The Grand Prize winner, receiving 5 million won, is… (READ MORE)

RIP: Prof. Suk-kee Yoh, ICF Chairman and Champion of Korean Literature

via Brother Anthony: The International Communication Foundation (ICF) has announced the death earlier today of its Chairman Yeo Seok-ki (Suk-kee Yoh) Professor Yoh was formerly professor of English literature at Korea University. As Chairman of the ICF he has overseen… (READ MORE)

Win $500 for reviewing Bae-Suah story! (not junk)

From LTI Korea, a chance to win a $500 Amazon Gift certificate for reading and reviewing Bae Su-ah’s “Highway with Green Apples,” translated by Sora. K-Lit Review Contest on Amazon.com * Topic: Read Highway with Green Apples(A Short Story) by Suah… (READ MORE)

It’s all happening… press for Shin Kyung-sook’s I’ll Be Right There, tr. by Sora

I’ll Be Right There, Shin Kyung-sook’s newest novel in English translation, translated by Sora Kim-Russell, will be released in the U.S. on June 03, 2014 from Other Press Books. It’s available for sale now in the U.K. (released April 10,… (READ MORE)

South Korean lit as proxy for every Korea, past, present, and future

Ten Korean writers on a country sawn in half | Books | The Guardian. With Korea as the “Market focus” country at the London Book Fair this week there has been a lot of advance hubbub about the history of Korean… (READ MORE)

Flesh Flowers for Han Kang’s The Vegetarian

@maxjohnporter of Granta Books and Portobello Books tweeted this incredible image of the cover for Han Kang’s The Vegetarian, tr. Deborah Smith (@londonkoreanist). The novel won’t be available until January 2015 (agh, can’t wait!) from Portobello Books, but you can read an excerpt… (READ MORE)

April 2014 – Writing from South Korea – Words Without Borders

April 2014 – Writing from South Korea – Words Without Borders. The new issue of Words Without Borders featuring South Korean fiction and poetry is up (and sov is in the house!). Full table of contents: Fiction “Say Ah, Pelican,” by Park… (READ MORE)

Impossibilities in translation: music, words, and death

My friend asked me to read over his translation of the song “벗이여 해방이 온다” (“My friend, liberation is coming”) by Yun Seon-ae last week, and we had (what I thought) was an interesting exchange about it. He’s a former student… (READ MORE)