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Pride, Prejudice, and Politics in K-drama

While much of the writing on K-dramas focuses on the whether or not the love or family drama unfolds in a satisfying narrative arc, Following Kpop‘s post, “Pride and Prejudice, Punch, and Prosecution (also reprinted below) about recent political scandals in South… (READ MORE)

MACK foundation on Al Jazeera English tomorrow

From the MACK (Movement for the Advancement of the Cultural-diversity of Koreans) foundation: Please tune in live on air The Stream on Al Jazeera English tomorrow 330pm EST/430 AM (Wed) KST, former MACK VP Cindy Lou Howe will be discussing… (READ MORE)

LA Kalbi is as Korean as Ktown

Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown S01E02 Koreatown Los Angeles – YouTube. I don’t know how long they’ll keep this available, but here’s the L.A. Koreatown episode of Anthony Bourdain’s new show, Parts Unknown. Bourdain’s guides to Ktown are two “bad Koreans”:… (READ MORE)

“Mr. Pizza is original pizza”

This Mr. Pizza ad has been making the rounds (and has been discussed at length elsewhere), but it is worth a couple views. I was advised not to give up watching in despair after the first fifteen seconds by the… (READ MORE)

Drama Special under fire for lesbian content » Dramabeans »

  I haven’t had a chance to watch it yet, but there’s been some controversy (and excitement!) over a Drama Special on KBS that aired this past weekend called Daughters of Bilitis Club (클럽 빌리티스의 딸들) that depicts three lesbian narratives…. (READ MORE)