Ashes and Red and MERS

   I suppose I should be reporting something on the ground about this whole MERS scare, but so far the only way it has impacted me is that everywhere I’ve gone this week has been noticeably less crowded and frankly… (READ MORE)


“The Spectacle of Female Aggression” via Korea Research Cafe

Evelyn Shih of Korea Research Cafe and PHOTOPOS wrote a great piece about kick-ass women in Korean film in the 60s. Seems My Wife is a Gangster (조폭 마누라, 2001) has a much more interesting genealogy than I thought. Evelyn points out  the film’s place in Korean… (READ MORE)

Ambi strives to banish the darkness...from your skin.

Child Labor of Love: Or, Growing Up in the Store

Greetings on MLK Day from SOV… Child Labor of Love: Or, Growing Up in the Store (Part II of Good Hair People) To continue: the prominence of Koreans and Korean-Americans in the Hair and Ethnic Beauty Supply industry is a hugely complicated… (READ MORE)


Good Hair People Selling Good Hair to People

An Introduction Some version of this face greets me every time I go back to my hometown (나의 살던 고향은 털 피는 시골…). She’s usually perched somewhere in the garage, atop a stack of boxes filled with tightly packed wigs,… (READ MORE)

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Smell You Later…Forever

So I watched The Interview. I tried to get Jenny to watch it and review it here, but I ended up taking that bullet instead. Click here for movie. In short, there was absolutely nothing surprising about the movie. As… (READ MORE)

RIP: Prof. Suk-kee Yoh, ICF Chairman and Champion of Korean Literature

via Brother Anthony: The International Communication Foundation (ICF) has announced the death earlier today of its Chairman Yeo Seok-ki (Suk-kee Yoh) Professor Yoh was formerly professor of English literature at Korea University. As Chairman of the ICF he has overseen… (READ MORE)

When Editing Opts the Contributor Out of the OpEd

If you’ve been following me here, you may know that I’m not 100% in love with the cultural reporting of “far-flung correspondents” sent abroad by major English language news outlets. So much of it devolves into gawking at niche fads or other cultural “oddities,” often with the… (READ MORE)

“Freedom has become freedom for the rich”—Gong Ji-young in CommonWealth Magazine

Gong Ji-young: “This Is Not Freedom, It’s the Law of the Jungle” in CommonWealth Magazine. Taiwan’s CommonWealth magazine featured a great profile and interview with Gong Ji-young last week, and she takes the opportunity to speak at length about her… (READ MORE)

It’s all happening… press for Shin Kyung-sook’s I’ll Be Right There, tr. by Sora

I’ll Be Right There, Shin Kyung-sook’s newest novel in English translation, translated by Sora Kim-Russell, will be released in the U.S. on June 03, 2014 from Other Press Books. It’s available for sale now in the U.K. (released April 10,… (READ MORE)

Ko Un poem in response to the Sewol disaster on WWB

via Brother Anthony and Words Without Borders Poet (and perennial Korean Nobel Prize candidate) Ko Un’s response to the Sewol ferry disaster, <일음짖지 못한 시> (“A Poem I Didn’t Name“) has been translated by Brother Anthony and Lee Sang-Wha and published… (READ MORE)

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