Ashes and Red and MERS

   I suppose I should be reporting something on the ground about this whole MERS scare, but so far the only way it has impacted me is that everywhere I’ve gone this week has been noticeably less crowded and frankly… (READ MORE)

Writing Exercise Inspired by Bae Suah’s Nowhere To Be Found

An interview with Bae Suah and me, as well as a writing exercise inspired by her novella, has been published on the intriguing site Read to Write Stories. The writing exercise: How to Capture an Entire Society Interview with Bae Suah Interview… (READ MORE)

Independent Foreign Fiction Prize 2015 | Booktrust

Congratulations to all the authors and translators on the long list for the Independent Foreign Fiction Prize 2015! And, of course, special ups to The Investigation by J.M. Lee, tr. by Kim Chi-young (별을 스치는 바람, 이정명 장편소설) Here’s the list, via book… (READ MORE)

Happy Seollal!

“The Spectacle of Female Aggression” via Korea Research Cafe

Evelyn Shih of Korea Research Cafe and PHOTOPOS wrote a great piece about kick-ass women in Korean film in the 60s. Seems My Wife is a Gangster (조폭 마누라, 2001) has a much more interesting genealogy than I thought. Evelyn points out  the film’s place in Korean… (READ MORE)

EBS pic

Untranslatable Unmentionables

This morning I found out the hard way that there’s a limit to what you can discuss on the radio in Korea. I was invited to give an interview on EBS’s Morning Special (EBS Radio 104.5 MHz), which is set… (READ MORE)

Winner of the Translation Challenge

“You Came Too Deeply Inside Me” by Joel! It stays true to the original without losing the glaring innuendo. I did enjoy Stephen’s “Ow,” too, but it’d never make it past the editors. Sorry, Stephen.   Congrats, Joel! (Give me your… (READ MORE)

Aimless Bullet (오발탄)

boingboing ❤️ Korea this week: Kim Youngha and the Korean Film Archive get boinged

Two great profiles of K-stuff by Colin Marshall on boingboing this week: Watch 50 Years of Korean Film Online The Korean Film Archive’s YouTube channel has been around for a while, to the delight of film buffs and Koreanists (free… (READ MORE)

tell me where to go

Kim Han-min’s Tell Me Where to Go (tr. Jamie & Sora) on WWB

The February issue of Words Without Borders is out now, and it includes Jamie and Sora’s latest super team translation, an excerpt from Kim Han-min’s Tell Me Where To Go.  From WWB: February brings our annual showcase of the international graphic novel. In… (READ MORE)


How To Cry For 86 Minutes

It’s actually more like 87+ minutes because you’ll likely watch the trailer before you see the movie, and the trailer will make you cry. So will the trailer for Ode to my Father (국제시장), but you’ll choose My Love, Don’t Cross… (READ MORE)

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