How To Cry For 86 Minutes

It’s actually more like 87+ minutes because you’ll likely watch the trailer before you see the movie, and the trailer will make you cry. So will the trailer for Ode to my Father (국제시장), but you’ll choose My Love, Don’t Cross… (READ MORE)


Your Spine Smells Like Adultery, Baby

Hi, everyone. I recently took a short trip to the grandfatherland and found some interesting things at the bookstore. “Remember the book!” read the banner. “A special fragrance containing its own story that will permeate through the time and space… (READ MORE)

Ambi strives to banish the darkness...from your skin.

Child Labor of Love: Or, Growing Up in the Store

Greetings on MLK Day from SOV… Child Labor of Love: Or, Growing Up in the Store (Part II of Good Hair People) To continue: the prominence of Koreans and Korean-Americans in the Hair and Ethnic Beauty Supply industry is a hugely complicated… (READ MORE)

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Hwang Sok-yong’s Princess Bari (tr. Sora) Available for Pre-order

      UPDATE: Please note that Amazon UK has a different release date for the book: April 27, 2015.  The English translation of Hwang Sok-yong’s Princess Bari (바리데기, 창비 2007) tr. by Sora Kim-Russell), is now available for pre-order on… (READ MORE)


Good Hair People Selling Good Hair to People

An Introduction Some version of this face greets me every time I go back to my hometown (나의 살던 고향은 털 피는 시골…). She’s usually perched somewhere in the garage, atop a stack of boxes filled with tightly packed wigs,… (READ MORE)

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Smell You Later…Forever

So I watched The Interview. I tried to get Jenny to watch it and review it here, but I ended up taking that bullet instead. Click here for movie. In short, there was absolutely nothing surprising about the movie. As… (READ MORE)

Blue House image via KMIB via Following Kpop

Pride, Prejudice, and Politics in K-drama

While much of the writing on K-dramas focuses on the whether or not the love or family drama unfolds in a satisfying narrative arc, Following Kpop‘s post, “Pride and Prejudice, Punch, and Prosecution (also reprinted below) about recent political scandals in South… (READ MORE)

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Comparative Translation, or as Fozzie Bear Would Say…

  One of the great advantages of poetry and short fiction in translation is that the shorter format makes comparative translation more viable. Some classic works of Korean fiction have multiple translations, such as Yi Sang’s “Wings” and Hwang Sok-yong’s… (READ MORE)

I Know Only Myself

I’ve been a little quiet on here lately because I’ve been all but buried under overlapping projects and deadlines. The moment one thing is finished, the next is waiting, and in some cases I’ve had to jump back and forth… (READ MORE)

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